The New Age of 'Masks' and Beauty Opportunities

The beauty and fashion industry is jumping on the bandwagon with the new era of the face mask.

Where we go from here...

The beauty industry in California is at a stand-still, but legislation is working to waive Section 7317 of the Business & Professions Code. We at Nimbus are COVID compliant and hoping legislation takes this seriously and allow us to continue to provide services to clients.

Five Spring Beauty Trends To Try Now

The changing of the seasons is a perfect time to refresh your look, whether that means trying out a new haircut, updating your makeup collection or perfecting your skin care routine. Read on for five spring beauty trends we can’t wait to introduce into our own lives.

Love: Give a Little, Take a Little (V-day gifts & spa services for others and yourself)

Beauty Resolutions You’ll Love Sticking To

Seven beauty resolutions that aren’t just rewarding in the long term—they’ll make you feel good while you’re actually doing them.