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Holiday Gift Guide 2016

We all know one: the naturally excellent gift-giver blessed with an uncanny knack for tracking down utterly unique, personal items that somehow perfectly convey their appreciation for the recipient and their tastes. Well, those people are #blessed. Because let’s get real—most of us have at least a few 3-5 people every year who leave us absolutely stumped. So, in anticipation of this annual phenomenon,…

You Cold Weather Skin Survival Guide

It’s probably not news to you that when the seasons change, your skincare routine should, too. But sometimes it’s hard to tell what aspects need to go and what should stay. Skin type, existing habits and personal preferences mean there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are plenty of basic tips to take into consideration as we head into winter. Read on to get the scoop.


Fall Forecast: Hair & Makeup Trends to Know This Season

The arrival of a new season means many things for many people—and for us, it means looking back to February’s Fall/Winter 2016 NYFW for a refresh on what’s trending in the world of beauty. We’re happy to report that doing so has us starry-eyed with excitement. Prepare for a wash of color and beauty ranging in tone from dramatic, edgy and unexpected to charmingly laidback and whimsical. And best of all? Incorporating these trends into your everyday look should prove surprisingly easy.

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Using Ancient Wisdom To Score Amazing Skin — what is Ayurveda, and why it’s the secret sauce behind Aveda’s high-performance skincare line, Tulasara.

Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight -- Simple, Fast, Natural

Up until now, wavy, curly, tightly coiled, or simply frizzy headed people have endured everything from “relaxers” to unpleasant goo of all sorts trying to tame their locks and achieve that sleek look that the naturally straight haired crowd take for granted.