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Fall Forecast: Hair & Makeup Trends to Know This Season

The arrival of a new season means many things for many people—and for us, it means looking back to February’s Fall/Winter 2016 NYFW for a refresh on what’s trending in the world of beauty. We’re happy to report that doing so has us starry-eyed with excitement. Prepare for a wash of color and beauty ranging in tone from dramatic, edgy and unexpected to charmingly laidback and whimsical. And best of all? Incorporating these trends into your everyday look should prove surprisingly easy.

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Using Ancient Wisdom To Score Amazing Skin — what is Ayurveda, and why it’s the secret sauce behind Aveda’s high-performance skincare line, Tulasara.

Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight -- Simple, Fast, Natural

Up until now, wavy, curly, tightly coiled, or simply frizzy headed people have endured everything from “relaxers” to unpleasant goo of all sorts trying to tame their locks and achieve that sleek look that the naturally straight haired crowd take for granted.

Raymond rocks hair-cutting classes

Nimbus stylist and educator Raymond Fajardo shares his passion for hair cutting with other Nimbus stylists each month when he conducts focused workshops in the salon.
He’s taught a series of workshops on cutting men’s hair, including techniques for consulting and using the line of Aveda hair products created just for men.

You're getting the best! Nimbus stylists learn the newest trends in monthly workshops.

At Nimbus, the learning never ends. All our stylists continue their education by taking workshops and becoming certified in different Aveda specialties.
That’s not all! Nimbus is now offering monthly workshops in hair cutting and coloring to all levels of Nimbus stylists, so you can be sure that whoever styles your hair knows about the most up-to-date trends and advanced techniques, and the newest products from Aveda.