The New Age of 'Masks' and Beauty Opportunities


While with the pandemic of COVID.19, the rise of mask use has followed.  This will ensure masks will become part of the beauty world. Asian countries have been wearing masks for several years now, this is popular in North Asia, to fend off pollution, pollen or germs, as well to protect from the common cold (sneezes and coughing).  Japan followed suit, primarily for health conditions and allergies.  In 2003, the surgical face mask was being marketed to allergy sufferers with unwoven material promising to blackout pollen and allergy triggers.


The fetish for surgical masks started in 2014 with the Toxic Smog in China, and the new fashion statement of hitting the runways. With the shortage of medical face masks, the world took up finding new solutions.  Women and groups started sewing and crafting masks, and donations of these masks were sent to the frontline healthcare workers everywhere.



 The beauty industry focuses on the consumer to look and feel their best, and what better time to jump than with the onset of mask-wearing.  Along with this comes the trend of 'video conference look' or 'stay-home professional look.'

It's expected with the rise of mask use, there will be a demand for eye makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and concealer).  It's thought that consumers will try to match eye colors and makeup to their masks, with wearing masks will be part of society for some time to come.

The hygiene of wearing a mask for long hours has proven a challenge, and identifying the change in consumer lifestyles and habits will impose new solutions for the beauty world. 

 Foundation and base makeup will find a new set of tests to withstand sweat under masks, and this feature would be an addition to product marketing.

 Manufacturers are also filling the supply chain with more long-lasting formulations. Kolmar Korea released sunscreen, cushion foundation, lipstick, and powder that won’t easily come off with sweat and masks.

You can find fashion masks at the likes of Brighton, Tory Burch, Banana Republic, and so many more.  



While the government and public spar about the use of medical masks and benefits, the beauty industry as stepped in and made it fashionable to don a mask.  Leave us a comment and let us know what you're doing with your fashion mask.

Demetra and the Nimbus Team


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