Brooke initially pursued a career as a stylist for simple reasons:

1. She loves being creative.

2. She wanted to work as part of a team.

With years of success and experience behind her, she still finds that creative collaboration with her clients and the sense of support provided by her co-workers, whom she calls her greatest role models, are her favorite parts of what she does.

Brooke graduated from Shoreline School of Cosmetology  and San Jose Barber College and went on to complete advanced education with internationally renowned stylists including DJ Muldoon, Sally Rogerson (whose cutting class she completed) and Lupe Voss.  While she has honed an expertise in fashion color, men’s cuts, and ombré, she truly loves it all.

When Brooke isn’t at work, you can find her with her daughter, Kaya—likely riding their horses, snowboarding, hiking, or enjoying being outside.

Brooke’s long-term goal is as simple—and superb—as the reasons she began in the first place: she wants to stay as happy and content in this amazing line of work as she is now. To continue excelling, she welcomes all feedback as an opportunity to grow, and each client as an opportunity to create something uniquely beautiful.