Holly started her journey with beauty at a very young age. She remembers brushing and braiding her mom and sisters hair by the age of five. She laughs about cutting every Barbie's hair she could get a hold of. And fondly thinks of the times she used to style her cousins hair and makeup for dances. 

Holly graduated from The Academy For Salon Professionals in 2014. She's been with Aveda for the last three years. In that time she's furthered her education with names like Ginnette Minarik, Hayley Reeb, Lupe Voss, Shannel Mariano, Courtney Kane and Kaila Richards. Holly always looks forward to taking new classes. 

She loves to personally connect with every guest. She loves to recommend the best products, places to visit, food to eat, events to attend. Holly loves local Bay area culture and can be found celebrating such culture with friends and family.